Five Amazing Car Innovations & Gadgets

If you’re tired of your belongings sliding across your dashboard, then the dash grip is the perfect accessory for your vehicle. It doesn’t use any extra adhesive strips to secure in place, leaving no sticky residue or mess to clean up. The Car Innovations mat itself measures six by seven inches and will grip a wide variety of items, including keys, coins, and cell phones. The fact that no adhesives are needed also means that it can be repeatedly transferred between vehicles without fuss or bother. Perfect for people who tend to carry a lot of accessories in their car but are unable to locate them when they’re needed, the dash grip will undoubtedly make your daily commute or any other trip, for that matter, much easier.

Amazing Car Innovations: Rear Vision

This wireless car backup camera and obstacle alert system is one of the easiest out there and can absolutely be retrofitted to any vehicle. It is incredibly easy to install and assemble, allowing you to get it up and running in minutes flat. The device fits over your current license plate and is secured in place around it. The built-in camera will then sense incoming objects and alert you when impact is imminent, also letting you adjust the settings to display a wider area spanning 140 degrees left and right. The camera is high definition and works exceptionally well even in low light environments. The device pairs with your smartphone, meaning you can monitor your camera with ease, also allowing you to use your phone as part of your backing up protection system.

Amazing Car Innovations: Garbage Can

If you’re like most drivers, your vehicle can get filled with trash and clutter quite easily. If you find that garbage is piling up in your car and making you look like a slob, the garbage can is right up your alley. It has a patented topple-proof design, keeping it upright and secure with a set of anchoring clips that attach it to your floor mat. It was even designed to use standard plastic grocery bags, helping you to recycle those while also keeping your vehicle as tidy as possible.

Amazing Car Innovations: Maxa parkright

If you find it hard to position your Car Innovation vehicle properly when parking, the maxa parkright is available to make your life infinitely easier. It sits on the ground where your tires are supposed to rest, allowing you to easily gauge whether or not you’re in the right spot before applying the brake. It has an anti-skid design to keep it in place, along with a built-in drip tray to keep your floor clean and clear of melting snow or ice. It’s also designed to fit all varieties of vehicles, with one stylish product covering you completely.

Amazing Car Innovations: Ecu Cut Pro

If your windshield wipers have seen better days, then it might be time to replace them. Streaks left across your windshield are a pain to deal with, and wipers that leave residue or don’t work properly are going to annoy you more than they help. That being said, replacement wipers can be costly, on top of also being difficult to remove and install. The ecu cut pro is a windshield wiper shaving tool that expertly cuts away only damaged sections of your wipers.

This Car Innovation fixing them with ease and avoiding the necessity to run out and purchase new blades. Not an everyday product, the ecu cut pro is definitely one that you will be pleased with when push comes to shove, making your life much easier in the long run.