Home Security Gadgets And Inventions You Should See

AI cameras Home Security Gadgets aren’t always reliable but having people watching a place 24/7 is costly and feels intrusive that’s why deep Sentinel combines both approaches their smart cameras spot suspicious activity and alert a human operator who can then use the speaker to scare off Intruders it’s simple and effective without always calling the police though the operator will if needed this system is super quick it can catch and stop a robbery or kidnapping attempt in about 30 seconds plus it’s really easy to set up you just install the cameras connect them to a wireless hub and use an app to configure everything the whole process only takes about half an hour.

Home Security Gadgets APS Micro Guard

Meanwhile APS micro guard has added more types of safety sensors to their catalog along with their usual microwave sensors they now offer infrared ones and some that use both take the MW 110 it’s an infrared photo El sensor that can see really far up to 110 M it’s great for watching Big areas because rain fog and frost don’t mess it up and then there’s the MW 210 which is a classic microwave sensor but it has the sender and receiver parts all in one piece this one can protect up to 15 M around it the MW 310 is pretty cool too it notices temperature changes in the area it’s watching plus it can spot movement creating a kind of microwave wall each MW 310 can keep an eye on an area up to 11 M wide.

Home Security Gadgets Yard Enforcer

Imagine your house as the lawn of your dreams but now all the cats dogs squirrels and other animals in the neighborhood are running towards it as if your lawn is a dis princess relax let the yard enforcer chase them away this system tracks Intruders with an infrared sensor and shoots water at them from a distance of 11 M using only two cups of water per shot the sprinkler is powered by four able a batteries that guarantee 7500 on off Cycles the sprinkler can be programmed to run daytime only nighttime only or 24 hours a day and because the jet in intensity is adjustable the yard enforcer is also suitable for lawn watering the sprink Clow without batteries costs $85.

Paper Spray System By Less Lethal Concepts

Capsicum oo resin also known as pepper spray stings like crazy when it touches your skin and if it gets in your eyes you’ll cry harder than you did at the end of Titanic we’re visiting the less lethal Concepts Factory a company that’s big on pepper based defense products these guys put their systems in places you’d never guess like gate posts or undercard doors bad guys will have no clue where they got hit from tears and coughing that’s just the start of their troubles sometimes this pepper extract makes it hard to breathe and can cause eyelid spasms oh and it works on dogs too.

Paintball Landmine

Burglars might be used to pepper spray or laser systems by now but what about a Minefield that’s probably not on their radar don’t worry it’s all legal though paintball and airsoft gear that’s been tweaked for home defense take the PBM 22c for example this reusable 68 caliber mine blasts out 60 bowls at once covering about 14 square m of space you can get one for $167 want something with a bit more Pizzazz firing two in 3 2 1.


Enimine check out any mine this bad boy not only spots movement within 5 m it also jumps up to spread those balls even further the nine will set you back $6.

Home Security Gadgets Startle Security Lights

Books TV shows and video games tell us bad guys love Darkness but get this some experts looked at 14 years of crime data from England and Wales and found no link between street lights Home Security Gadgets and crime rates this could save governments some cash as the UK alone once spent $380 million on street lights in just a year but if you’re worried about your own place check out the startle 360 light first off it uses up to 75% less power than a regular street light plus it’s tough enough to handle small bullets but the best thing is that it only turns on when it spots movement hitting would be Thieves with a surprise blast of 9600 lumens that’ll probably send them running you can grab one of these for $299.

View Project

Look at this thin see through film you’d think they couldn’t stop much right maybe just a not so bright cat but a guy is going at them with a hammer a machete and even a pickaxe and then not breaking how come they’re made of Lex and polycarbonate it’s the same material used for police Shields and planes put a few of these in your window and you’ve got a simple but super tough barrier against burglar but there’s more to it it’s hard but along the edges of each sheet there are slots for alarm system wires and here’s another plus the makers didn’t go crazy with the price you can get a set of six sheets each a me long for $95.