Tesla released the major software update, (2024.26) More Options

Are you enjoying yourself when operating your Tesla? Let’s make it more enjoyable for you. Tesla has added additional music options, parental controls, and a host of other features to the program. A few days ago, on July 3, Tesla released the major software update, (2024.26), which includes several recently found capabilities.

Notateslaapp claims that the most recent parental control features are one of such features. With the help of this function, parents can use a passcode to let their children use the Tesla, drive it safely, and up to the speed limit. In addition, parents have the ability to activate safety features like as automated emergency braking, front collision warning, speed limit alert, and night curfew.

Tesla vehicles used to only come equipped with Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Tune In. However, following the most recent upgrade, Tesla vehicles may now play music from YouTube and Amazon.com. The most recent version allows you to add sub-destinations, such as airport terminals, to the car’s navigation system, which will assist you in finding more accurate routes. In addition, air quality and weather updates will be displayed on Tesla’s central display. In addition, the car learned new techniques for planning preconditioning and charging.

Tesla released the major software update, (2024.26), although it may take a few weeks for the cars to get it. Await the benefits until your Tesla understands them as well.