User of iPhones Is the Target of New Cyber attack

User of iPhones Is the Target of New Cyber attack by using their Apple IDs has prompted a warning to all iPhone users. Approximately 1.46 billion iPhone users globally are susceptible to this hack.

The California-based Symantec security business discovered this scam earlier this month on July 2nd and issued this warning. In this fraud, con artists send texts purporting to be from Apple using SMS phishing techniques, inviting recipients to click on a link regarding a crucial iCloud update or verification.

But following the links takes users to deceptively created phony websites that request your credentials and Apple ID. The con artists have added a CAPTCHA to the website in order to make it appear legitimate. After completing the CAPTCHA, you are directed to what appears to be an antiquated iCloud login screen, where hackers can profit greatly from the information you submit. It gives them authority over your devices as well as access to your financial and personal information.

User of iPhones Is the Target of New Cyber attack, Apple advises consumers to install two-factor authentication, or 2FA. to strengthen the security of their Apple ID further. A user will receive a message containing a six-digit code that they must enter in order to access their Apple account when they choose to open it with 2FA.

Take these actions to enable 2FA for Apple ID on your iPhone:

Open the iPhone’s settings app.

After selecting your name, hit Sign-in and Security.Now tap on Turn on Two-Factor Authorization and then Continue.

Next, provide the phone number you wish to use to receive the 2FA code.

To send a code to your phone, tap the Next tab.

Therefore, be careful not to click on any links in emails or messages you receive from Apple, and remember to follow the instructions above to add 2FA to your Apple ID. However, you should check the settings app to see if your iPhone has been compromised if you believe that the latest cyber attack is targeting it.