New Feature On Pinterest Launched To Protect To Safeguard Teenagers

Following are new feature on Pinterest is Designed to protect teens

Pinterest has introduced new privacy options to safeguard teenagers, such as:
1Private profiles.
2- Restrictions on mutual messaging.
3- Enhanced controls over who can follow them on the platform.

Pinterest users who are 16 years old and above have the option to create a private or public profile. Pinterest has announced that;

After setting your profile to private, you’ll be able to stay connected with your loved ones by sharing a special profile link. Private profiles ensure that no one else on the platform can find you, and this will continue to be the default and exclusive choice for teenagers below 16 years old.

Additionally, New Feature On Pinterest is implementing additional follower controls for teenagers. As part of this, all followers will be automatically removed from the profiles of users who are under 16 years old. Teenage users will then be prompted to review their follower list in order to ensure that they are aware of who can view their content.

This implies that teenagers who have built a fan base on the Pinterest app will need to put in some effort to tailor their audience. However, it will help teenagers understand more about who can interact with their Pins.

Additionally, Pinterest has announced new restrictions for messaging and group board features aimed at teenagers, as stated by Pinterest.

Teens who are under 16 years old are only able to exchange messages with their mutual followers who have been verified through a special profile link. This link remains active for a maximum of three days or until they gain five new followers using the shareable link, whichever happens first.

The update will restrict connections to only those users specified by teenagers, making it more challenging for strangers to interact with teens on the platform.

These fresh measures provide enhanced safety for young individuals, which is crucial for all social platforms.