The future of medicine and Healthcare just like every year now I summarize for you the six most important to me most exciting Trends in this article for in 2024.

General AI Healthcare Platforms

The rise of General AI platforms for healthcare in this trend I’m talking about chatbots and generative AI based platforms apps Services specifically made for patients for chronic diseas management imagine patients having access to a health assistant that would give them insights suggestions and answer any questions they might have even about micro decisions in their lifestyle or big ones about their health and disease management that’s a big opportunity that generative AI platforms can bring into the lives of patients and I expect to see a lot of practical examples from companies in 2024

Multimodel Language Models

Multimodel large language model for clinicians I always say that medicine is multimodel meaning that Physicians have to deal with different types of data streams image,video, text, PDFs and documents studies and seeing the patient in at once but large language models have been uni-model for now but multi-model large language models meaning CH GPT like tools that could deal with a range of content types video sound image text and even big documents would mean the ultimate interfaces for Physicians to interact with AI.

So Physicians won’t be able to learn to use every single AI based approved medical tool in their hospital but they will be very much able to learn how to be better at prompt engineering meaning how to use one interface through which they would be able to interact with all the different AI tools using by the hospital ecosystem so expect a lot from the Multimodel large language model field

Blood Testing Evolution

Is going to be blood testing reimagined there are many microt trends that come together to support and underscore the importance of blood testing especially at home one of these micr Trends is about how at home lab testing has become a big thing during and after the pandemic because hundreds of millions of people learned how to do a covid antigen test at home a new market started to rise because people learned a method that now companies can build upon.

The second microtrend that contributes to this big third trend is about how companies can develop technologies that allow patients to obtain blood samples at home saliva and other samples it has been a part of the whole at home lap test business for years but blood is a new thing and companies like tesso have been making it accessible for patients to at least obtain small samples of blood for genetic testing or or for example for allergy testing again remotely.

And the third microtrend here is around companies that develop robotic devices autonomous blood drawing Technologies essentially meaning that instead of a flomist or a nurse taking your blood sample now a robot would do that they never make a mistake they use ultrasound and Lead lights and they make sure that they will find the vein they are looking for it might sound creepy for now but get ready in the coming years to get your blood sample taken by an actual robot.

Emerging Digital Therapeutics

Is evidence-based digital Therapeutics it’s still new for all of us that not just medications and drugs can take part in a treatment or therapy but Technologies can do the same a smartphone app an online service uh generative AI platform a sensor a variable acting like a treatment is really amazing for all of us but that’s what digital Therapeutics can bring to the market this Market is expected to grow to $30 billion by 2030 these digital Therapeutics have been around for years but the evidence started to grow just in the last couple of months .

It’s important because if there are no clinical trials and evidence-based studies and previewed papers backing the claims of companies developing digital Therapeutics that no healthcare professional can prescribe these as treatments for their patients but evidence started to grow Mayo Clinic in partnership with hilarium showed 40% reduction in the 3 months hospitalizations of patient plus a reduction in systolic blood pressure by using a digital Therapeutics developed by that company.

PPG Technology Revolutionizes Blood Pressure Monitoring

The blood pressure Evolution or revolution I’ve been talking about this for years but the future of blood pressure lies not in blood pressure cuffs but in the PPG technology photop platis mography the same technology that your Smartwatch uses to access your heart rate and do Basic Fitness tracking these skin patches bracelets and Smart Watches measuring blood pressure only almost 24 hours a day means a Game Changer for blood pressure management as hundreds of millions of people live with high blood pressure it would be amazing to give them more access to the data they already own but had no interfaces to access them unless digital and the old traditional pressure-based blood pressure cuffs but now with these skin patches and Smart Watches they will be able to make better decisions on the go and

AI Digital Twins

I’m not talking about the digital that you have been hearing on this channel for many years you know creating a virtual heart model based on a patient specific Radiology scans and then testing the effects of a medication on that virtual heart before the patient would get the same medication no no I’m talking about digital twins the ones that you saw about me when I created one with an AI company a twin that acts like me and talks like me but in the virtual real not in the metaverse but especially the one I made with haen where I started speaking in Spanish even though I don’t speak Spanish yet.

I’m just learning and even the lip sync is there so it’s a perfect representation of how even using the cultural nuanceswe could create article without language barriers in tele medicine it would have a huge impact on improving facilitating the doctor patient relationship.

As usual I will be here with you be at the medical futurist will be here with you informing you about all the knowledgeable insights and Trends everything you need to know about when it comes to the future of medicine and Healthcare especially about digital health and artificial intelligence and I hope that you will come with me on this journey in 2024.

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