Best Ai-Powered Healthcare Devices 2024

Self-monitoring has been limited to temperature tracking. Our new clinical devices brings at-home checkups into a new era. Introducing Beamo. We call it a multi scope, the first of its kind. It redefines what is possible, enabling you to observe your heart and lung health with four cutting-edge sensors encapsulated in a powerful devices. A complete health checkup now fits in your hand. Through your fingers, a medical-grade electrocardiogram detects irregularities in your heartbeat. Simultaneously, the oximeter quantifies your blood oxygen level, helping you assess part of your respiratory system. With its integrated digital stethoscope, Beamo enables you to listen to your heart and lungs.

Our most precise thermometer to date delivers fast and contactless results. With its refined sensors, it automatically pinpoints your temporal artery, a remarkably efficient spot to measure body temperature. Your measurements are automatically synced to the Withings app, and in one tap, you can share them with your doctor. Beamo sets a new standard for augmented televisits, enabling practitioners to get precise data and real-time measurements. Be part of the at-home checkup revolution.

Amo Fit S: Neuro Stimulator

We live in a world full of anxiety, worry, and chaos. Now is the time we desperately need a solution to fight against and protect ourselves from stressors and sleep deprivation. Stop that. This world’s smallest neuro stimulator, Amo Fit S, is the upgraded version of Amo Plus, designed to be worn as a necklace or clipped to your clothes.

Two years ago, we launched our first wearable device for improving sleep and demonstrated both the safety and effectiveness of our technology with over 2,000 backers and customer experiences. The device has advanced touch buttons applied and is very simple to operate. Mild electromagnetic signals from Amo Fit S stimulate the vagus nerve in the chest, rapidly activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This non-con neurostimulation technology, which didn’t exist before, is effective within a 9-inch radius.

The device has two modes. It provides calm mode for improving the body’s internal balance in green LED and focus mode for activating alpha brain waves in blue LED. It’s also very easy to wear. Let this 13g feather light device stay with you anytime, anywhere in your daily life. The effectiveness has been scientifically proven in three clinical trials under strict conditions. Our goal is to delay the physiological aging process and extend healthy life expectancy by recovering the body’s innate healing ability through bio hacking of the nervous system. This amazing wearable device helps you get rid of sleep problems, anxiety, and stress. It will also improve brain health related to memory and creativity and enhance your life by correcting the body’s internal balance.

Knee Flow Massager

Whether you’re recovering from knee surgery, dealing with chronic inflammation, or just looking to prevent and restore, introducing Knee Flow. Knee Flow uses a unique three-in-one therapy method to provide the most effective pain relief on the market. The Knee Flow massager uses a combination of heat, vibration, and infrared light therapy to provide pain relief to knee joints and cartilage. These penetrate deep into the tissue to improve blood circulation in the knee and decrease swelling and inflammation.

Knee Flow’s customizable settings can address a variety of knee-related problems to ensure continued mobility. By penetrating into joints, cartilage, and tissue, Knee Flow ensures faster and more effective pain relief, recovery, and increased mobility. Chronic knee pain affects millions of people around the world, from athletes to people suffering from inflammation, arthritis, and effusion. Too often, we only focus on its physical effects, but the mental effects of not having an active lifestyle are just as debilitating. Unaddressed knee pain can rob you of your life. Knee Flow is designed with an element of customization to fit perfectly into your life.

It is cost-efficient and highly effective. It’s an advanced light and heat therapy-based massager designed for preventative care, fast relief, and recovery from chronic knee pain. Our soft massage airbags use low, medium, or high pressure to ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation, energize knee cells, and alleviate pain, inflammation, and swelling. Our infrared light technology provides healing red light to target damaged joints, reduce inflammation of ligaments and tendons, and improve blood circulation. And the best part, Knee Flow is portable, cordless, easy to use, and has a built-in microchip that automatically powers down every 15 minutes to avoid overheating and overuse.

Effortless Hair Care

A battle with Minoxidil a cycle of meticulous hand washing, careful application, and patient testing. It’s time to break this cycle. Introducing Rootique. Transform your daily struggle into a 15c routine. It parts your hair with gentle precision, transforms hair tonic into fine micro-molecules for even distribution. With 65 Capa power, it boosts efficacy and maximizes absorption seamlessly and offers an enjoyable massage experience like no other. The Duo red light stimulates follicles and enhances blood circulation for optimal results. Say no to overuse. With no mess, you can dive straight into bedtime. Desire to use with your choice of hair tonics.