Car Inventions That Are At The Next Level

The most useful gear to feel comfortable Outdoors keep your stuff in your car safe and stay agile even in tight spaces also you need to control most of your car systems with the touch of a button if you take your camping Adventures.

ARB Altitude Rooftop Tent

The ARB altitude rooftop tent’s a game changer this Innovative piece of gear transforms your vehicle into a cozy elevated Sanctuary that’s perfect for those who crave convenience without sacrificing Comfort the tent is crafted from durable fiberglass with a Sleek two-tone design when it’s time to rest a single push of a button will unfold a room with panoramic views through large windows and a plush 3-in double mattress to sleep on a comprehensive 12volt system with USB ports LED lighting and storage Pockets adds functionality safety features like lockable handles and an adjustable ladder enhance accessibility with a total weight of 233 pounds the rooftop tent is suitable for various Vehicles making it a musthave for adventurers in many countries government guidelines require drivers to have visibility of at least 65 ft beyond the widest point of a towed vehicle

Towing Safety Mirrors

Towing mirrors that meet this requirement these patented mirrors feature a large single mirror on a heavy duty extension Slide the mirror extends for towing and retracts for normal driving maintaining safety and Optimal Performance the 4 e easily adjustable positions provide enhanced Vision with minimal vibration in any Towing situation they are easy to mount to existing door positions and are made from robust materials that’s why they’re suitable for any road and off-road terrain

Versatile Vehicle Protection

This skid plates got your vehicles back literally the main goal of the skid mark is to protect your vehicle’s bumpers trim spare tire and exhaust it’s extremely strong well of course it’s strong since it’s made of steel and it’s easy to install and remove when needed for example you can use it as a wheel chock if you’re stuck somewhere on the trails when the skid mark stays in place it also functions as a convenient step to get up to the roof rack at the rear finally it’s compatible with most Jeeps trucks and SUVs equipped with a 2-in hitch receiver so it’s kind of a universal multi-tool for off-roading that doesn’t take up any cargo space

Amfib Snorkel: Off-Road Essential

Gladiator JT Jeep owners here if yes there’s a snorkel system by Amfib that’ll improve your vehicle’s performance yep it isn’t just a bold accessory it’s essential for off-roaders since it makes sure your engine breathes freely even in deep water or sand by elevating the air intake to the roof it prevents water ingestion and filters out dust boosting engine performance and fuel efficiency no more worries about stalling and water Crossings and when driving on land the ram effect keeps air flowing protecting your engine from overheating the expedition’s too Dusty install a pre filter to your high mount to keep the dirt and dust inside the housing instead of clogging up your air filter

Enhanced Truck Security

Every truck owner understands the importance of securing and safeguarding their equipment particularly during off-road Adventures or Wilderness excursions the powered retractable bed cover not only Shields your gear from unpredictable weather but also provides exceptional truck security designed with Precision the bed covers engineered to perform reliably whether you’re on highways or rugged Trails it’s durable matte finish is UV protected to prevent fading and it smoothly rolls on maintenance-free sealed bearings granting nearly full access to the bed constructed from heavy duty aluminum the cover includes an electromagnetic brake for locking it in any position lastly the remote key fob guarantees convenient access all your stuff’s protected

Universal LED Control Panel

It’s a must have for every car this device allows you to control up to eight auxiliary LED lights or vehicle electrical appliances and keeps all the controls in one place the panel comes with universal mounting brackets so you can install it anywhere you like by the way setting everything up will take a couple of hours mainly due to the wiring process but you can do it yourself with your regular tools so don’t worry there are 50 stickers to indicate each switch the backlight of the switch panel will automatically adjust according to the brightness of the environment just pick your favorite color sometimes there’s too much stuff you need to take with you but the trunk’s already full