The Nine Best Car Accessories

With a traffic situation these days it almost feels like we spend more time on the road than in our homes, which is why it’s pretty essential to make sure that your driving experience is as good as it can be. Plus, it’s always nice to get into a car and be greeted by gadgets that instantly elevate your mood. There’s never been a better time to spruce up your vehicle because companies are making some really cool stuff. So from the super handy Fensens to the quirky Voyo, here are some of the best car accessories.

Drop Racks: Convenient Gear Transport for Outdoor Adventures

Drop Racks is include in first best car accessories If you’ve ever been kayaking or mountain biking, you know how much of a hassle it can be to bring your gear into the wilderness with you. So rather than getting an actual pickup or big truck, you can get drop racks, which is a roof rack system that straps right onto your current car. Not only is it incredibly convenient to set up, but it’s also got automatic locking mechanisms and rubber strips to avoid any damage or friction. The best thing about this, however, is the fact that the rack slides down for loading and unloading in not one but three different directions. The support’s very robust too, so whether you’re trying to load skis and bicycles or kayaks and roof boxes, the drop racks have got you covered.

Mad Ramp: Convenient and Secure Loading Solution for Pickup Trucks

Mad Ramp Now this is a ramp that attaches directly to the back of your pickup truck, and truck owners know how tricky it can be to get stuff into the back, let alone a snowmobile or a golf cart. So rather than using some makeshift wooden planks, go with the safe option and get Mad Ramp because it’s super convenient. For starters, it comes with two ladder-like ramps that fold out onto the floor for you to drive onto. Once your golf cart or dune buggy’s in, the mechanism folds and secures it from the back, even if it’s too big to fit into the actual truck. And since it comes with different modules for each type of small vehicle, you literally never have to rely on a separate trailer. Also, if you’re not sure if it’s going to fit your truck, they’ve got a pretty handy size calculator.

Avid Power Tire Inflator: A Reliable and Versatile Tool for Your Tire Inflation Needs

Avid Power Tire Inflator is from another best car accessories:
Nothing’s worse than forgetting to get your tires inflated before a long journey. It’s got an automatic stop function that accurately measures tire pressure within one psi and fills it up accordingly. On top of that, it comes with its own battery pack that has a USB port for other stuff too. If you run out of charge, though, then you can just plug it straight into a 12-volt car power adapter. And of course, it’s portable, cordless, and has a bright LED. So whether you’re filling up your car tires or even a football, it just works.

Fensens: Affordable Smart Wireless Parking Sensor for Older Cars

Fensens: These days, most modern cars come with some pretty high-tech parking sensors that tell you when you’re getting too close to the wall or another car. But if you’re still rocking an older car and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, then you can get pretty much the same experience with Fensens. Basically, it’s a smart wireless parking sensor that attaches straight to your license plate within 5 minutes. And to use it, all you’ve got to do is use the companion app. You’d be surprised by how accurate the app’s readings are. In fact, you can even launch it with Siri or Google Assistant. Plus, it’s completely hassle-free thanks to Bluetooth and eliminates the need for a rearview camera as well.

FOBO Tire: A Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System for All Cars

FOBO Tire: Again, modern cars just have tire pressure monitors built right into them. However, not everyone has a brand spanking new car. Thankfully, you can just get FOBO Tire instead. In essence, it’s a smart tire pressure monitoring system, which means that unlike a normal car, you can also check the air pressure using an app. Also, since you get four of these in a package, you can keep them on at all times and never let the psi levels fall below acceptable levels. You don’t want random punctures now, do you? Oh, and obviously pairing it with a tire inflator would be the perfect combo.

Mobileye: Revolutionizing Self-Driving Capabilities with Advanced Technology

Mobileye: Self-driving cars always feel like one of those things that are just not fully there. However, you’d be surprised by how far we’ve come over the past couple of years. In fact, these days you don’t even need a fancy Tesla to get self-driving capabilities in a car. Instead, you can get your car kitted out by services like Mobileye. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to autonomous vehicles. Their kit comes with 11 cameras that are more than enough to cover each and every angle around your car. Their double SOC chips make sure that all of that AI computational data is handled with ease. In return, you get a car that’s smarter than most natural drivers and can brake, steer, park, and even navigate roundabouts and other tricky traffic situations without breaking a single sweat.

Navdy: The Heads-Up Display That Brings Futuristic Tech to Your Dashboard

Navdy: Remember those car HUD concepts back in the 90s with all that futuristic tech and augmented reality stuff? Whatever happened to those anyway? Well, the thing is, most car manufacturers aren’t just focusing on that tech. But if you’re still clamoring for it, then Navdy’s the one for you. It’s a simple heads-up display that attaches to your dashboard and presents information like maps, calls, messages, and music right on the windshield. Also, if you’ve ever driven a Tesla, you know how distracting it can be to look at the console for direction and speedometer. So with this bad boy, you’ve got all that right in front of you, which means that you’ll keep your eyes on the road and never miss a turn either. Oh, and did we mention that you can actually answer calls and navigate using wave gestures?

We Boost Drive Sleek: Ensuring Immaculate Cell Signal on the Road

We Boost Drive Sleek: One of the more annoying things about traveling through highways on big stretches of open land is the fact that cell reception’s not the greatest. Besides, you never want to be in a horror movie situation where you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. So We Boost makes sure that you’ve always got an immaculate cell signal for fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, and of course, faster internet. All you’ve got to do is put the antenna on top of your car and the cradle inside. Now you’ve literally got better phone signals. Also, the great thing is that it works seamlessly across all U.S. networks and even supports 5G. Oh, and don’t worry, it’s fully approved by the FCC and doesn’t interrupt any cell carrier signals.

Pet Twist Step: A Handy Solution for Helping Your Dog into Your SUV

Pet Twist Step: A dog really is a man’s best friend. so it makes sense to go the extra mile for your furry buddy. And if you’ve got a shy dog that’s not too keen on getting into cars, then you have to try out this thing. Basically, it’s a little hitch step that folds out to let your pupper into your SUV with ease. All you’ve got to do is twist it out, let your dog in, and put it back right under the car. Plus, its non-slip surface and hitch lock prevent any chance of mishap. Also, if you’re wondering if it can handle your big dog, then don’t fret because this guy can support over 400 pounds of weight at a time.

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