Modern life seems incomplete without smartphones or tablets. These amazing gadgets, purpose of which you wouldn’t guess, have taken over TVs, computers, and even gaming consoles. Yet, there are times when you want to watch a new movie or play an intense shooter on a larger screen. That’s where Paco screen steps in. It’s like an Android computer hidden inside a sturdy white case. When put together, the screen is well protected from drops and knocks, making it perfect for travel. You can operate it with a remote or through the touchscreen. The creators promise top-notch image and sound quality with four powerful speakers built into the top cover. The price for the Paco screen is $99.

Xbox Mini Fridge

Some people might not know this, but Xbox does more than just game consoles. They’ve branched out into Home Appliances too, and they’re not just leveraging the brand, they’re also borrowing the design. Take this mini fridge, for example. Built to hold 10 cans of soda, it looks just like the console itself. Even though it doesn’t have any special features, it does glow a cool green.

Xbox-Inspired Appliances

The French division of the company also released a toaster that mimics the white console’s design. Pretty cool, right? So if you’re struggling to impress a girl, just casually mention that you’ve got a special Xbox surprise waiting for them. A hot sandwich and an ice-cold Coke are much more appealing than Saints Row, after all. The fridge goes for $75, and the toaster for $60.

Personal Home Theater

Not everyone enjoys watching movies on a computer screen. It’s much nicer to kick back on the sofa in front of a big TV. While VR headsets promise an immersive experience, the wide viewing angle can feel like sitting in the front row at IMAX. But fear not, the personal Home Theater glyph is here to solve all those issues. It looks like a pair of headphones with a bulky headband, but it’s hiding all the good stuff inside. Two HD screens plunge you into the darkness of the theater, while the 115 DB speakers deliver rich, deep sound. There are no wires to restrict your movement either. Powered by a rechargeable battery, one charge lasts for 3 hours, just enough for two screenings of “Tommy wio the room”. The glyph is priced at $499.

Game Control Revolution

In some RPG games, the controls can be so complex that you feel like you’re playing a piano with your finger on the keyboard. But Stinky startup has a solution: stomp your foot and forget about any control issues. This invention is all about simplicity. It’s basically one big footboard. Stinky isn’t meant for driving simulators, but it’s perfect for more action-packed genres like arcades, action games, and of course, RPGs. You can use it for jumping, kicking, or even a sliding tackle in FIFA. Plus, it comes with replacement springs for different strengths in case you need to hit the enemy even harder. It works with Windows systems up to the first generation of XP. Plus, it won’t break the bank with a manufacturer’s price of $59.

Covi: Smart Lamp & Voice Assistant

As smart home technology becomes more common, you’ll find it in more and more apartments. Even big stores have special sections for lamps, kettles, and air conditioners that you can control with your smartphone or a centralized remote. Covi project is a voice assistant that’ll do whatever you ask, from turning things on to adjusting settings. It’ll even double as an alarm clock if you needed to. What’s neat about Ki is that it’s also a lamp, so who wouldn’t want one in their home? Plus, you can adjust the light tone from warm to bright white. You can connect it to your computer or mobile devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It’s priced at just $99.

Pocket-Sized Mouse Innovation

When it comes to a computer to travel with, we think of laptops. And when it comes to a mouse, what? Why bother with a mouse when most laptops have touchpads? But let’s face it, scrolling through large documents or working with images and videos using a touchpad can be really cumbersome. That’s where the new Race Mouse comes in handy. It’s a small, flat mouse that fits right into your shirt pocket. The manufacturers confidently compare it to similar products like the Magic Mouse, the Lenovo Yoga, and the Arc Mouse. And they found that their mouse weighs less, lasts longer, and syncs with all operating systems. Plus, it even has a built-in laser pointer for presentations. Plus, it’s the cheapest of them all, priced at just $29.

Concealed Viking Blade

A true man should sport either a bare tooth around his neck when he wrestled himself, or a Muer tea pendant. The creators of this startup seriously pondered which item would be most handy in a dangerous situation. Their conclusion: a sharp, durable blade. It’s cleverly concealed with a sheath designed to resemble a Viking amulet. If you fancy, you can even get it engraved with runes. This blade slices through seat belts in just four strokes. They also offer a version with a built-in lighter. So whether you’re in dark alleys or deserted Islands, the Muer tea is your go-to. Prices start at $98.

Time Kettle X1: Multilingual Earbuds

The Time Kettle X1 earbuds may look a bit bulkier compared to your usual Apple, Honor, or JBL earbuds, but there’s a good reason for that. They pack some incredible features. They can translate speech from different languages with almost no delay. The Time Kettle X1 supports 40 languages and 93 accents. They’re capable of handling conferences with up to 20 participants speaking five different languages. The case isn’t just a box with a tiny battery; it’s also a command center with a bright display that shows text transcripts of words and sentences, along with additional indicators like the language being spoken by the person. No more slipping out of meetings with the excuse “I don’t understand anything here.” The price of the Time Kettle X1 is around $710.