Smart Devices That Are At Another Level

We dive into a curated collection of startups on Indiegogo that have the potential to become indispensable devices of our everyday lives.


A passionate ski lover but find it challenging to escape the city and indulge in your favorite activity. The team at the French startup Squeal has introduced e-skis that enable you to glide on various surfaces, including asphalt sand nature trails or cobblestones. With a 2400-watt four-wheel drive you can reach speeds of up to 50 mph and cover distances up to 19 miles. The pivot system is crucial in replicating the true gliding sensation of skiing. The chassis imitates suspension, ensuring a smooth ride, and a dual brake system provides both emergency stops and controlled deceleration for added safety. When you reach your destination, the remote transforms into a clip for the skis, and a telescoping handle allows you to pull them like a wheeled suitcase. While the skis look fancy I might prefer a less bulky and budget-friendly alternative.

HoloX AI Review

When ChatGPT was given a face this is another attempt to make ChatGPT more personalized resembling more a speaker. This device facilitates conversation with AI and materializes its virtual presence into a tangible holographic entity. You can use it to ask any kinds of questions as you usually do with ordinary ChatGPT get recommendations, write your speech for the next business meeting, or just tell a joke. Yep, that’s your assistant on the 6-inch display.

But you can customize the avatar to your liking. Just make sure you have good Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, it has 4 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage space for, I don’t know, some photos and videos that make you smile. Speaking of that, HoloX AI is also a canvas for your creativity. Launch the app, then shoot, edit, and upload your videos, whether it’s a cherished memory or a favorite clip. Well, I must admit it’s way more appealing, portable and cheaper.

Dual Monitor Innovation

Seems like double monitors continue to gain in popularity. This dual monitor is called FLIPGO with a 13.5-inch display or a 16-inch option. It resembles a laptop when folded ensuring portability and sleekness. Available in standard Pro and touch versions. The Touch variant features touchscreen support, while the pro version includes a display switch button for customizable display modes. The monitors give you versatile connectivity from USB to 0 ports to USBC 3.2 and mini HDMI, so they’re fully compatible with other devices. Just plug and play while excelling in office work with a 3:2 display ratio. Gaming at 2K and 60 HZ is limited to casual games. It’ll cost you about $380, but you should also get a stand available for an extra fee. In case all that isn’t an issue for you, the campaign is still in progress.

Photo Backup Gadget

Memory full again. Cloud storage or flash drives might be a way out, yet their storage is limited not to mention the possibility of data leakage. That’s where the Photo Cube PD plus comes in. Plug this device into an iPhone or Android phone, and the automatically triggered app will perform a backup of the phone’s contacts calendar photos, videos docs and music files. All the data is now stored on a swappable Micro SD card with a capacity of up to 2 TB. Now just do your best and don’t lose the full micro SD if you have several of them. To top it off, you can charge your phone with up to 60 WTS of power delivery while a backup is in progress. My personal verdict? This gadget must be cool. I usually take tons of pics, and the memory gets full very quickly.

AI Smartwatch Alice

This kind of product was only a matter of time. Yes, it’s a Smart Watch with integrated AI, and it’ll double as your personal coach. Her name is Alice. She analyzes vital statistics like heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and daily activity, providing you with fitness routines fully based on your health parameters to maximize efficiency and reduce harm to a minimum. Additionally, she’ll give you expert dietary recommendations fostering healthier eating habits. What else can you do with this watch? Absolutely everything you usually do with that type of wearable: listen to music, browse social media, make calls or video calls, listen to audiobooks, and play games. Is the product good? Absolutely. Private fitness training can be prohibitively expensive, but this Smartwatch democratizes access to expert guidance in case the campaign reaches the needed amount.

Tech Hobbyist Gadget

This is another toy for Tech enthusiasts and hobbyists a compact device that you can program to become anything you want from a remote for your AC to a tool capable of interfacing with security systems. That’s why I urge you to use this device for good purposes only. For example, it may be used as a remote for your TV, garage door, or car. Built-in NFC and RFID capabilities enable tag reading and writing, facilitating tasks like cloning access cards or making payments. It even features onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for data transfer and real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting, thereby enhancing security. The m1’s GPO pins connect to devices and circuits, making it perfect for custom projects or hardware interfacing. All in all, this device can be an excellent tool in the right hands, shipping.

Tiny Wireless Microphone

Are you into creating content? Then you might be interested in this crowdfunding campaign that raises funds for creating the world’s smallest wireless stereo mic. Well, the mics are indeed tiny. They’re smaller than the regular battery and weigh just 9 G. And what about performance and usability? It’s said to be good for something of that size. Consider for yourself. Its plug-and-play operation,coupled with intelligent silence and enhanced reverb, is said to ensure crystal-clear sound free from unwanted disturbances within a 320 ft range. The battery level display eliminates power concerns. Speaking of that, the mics are supposed to work for up to 40 hours with the case, and if the phone is suddenly about to die in the middle of the stream, just plug in the cable right into the receiver. No problem.