Advanced Car Gadgets You Must See

From flying cars to automated e-bikes, our modes of transportation are getting increasingly advanced by the day. So it’s only normal to update your car gadgets. We have incredible devices that are a must-have for your modern car. These are not just accessories to make your life easier, but many of them can be absolute lifesavers when emergency strikes. Whether you want to unlock your car using your smartphone or you want all the essential information displayed right in front of you while driving, either way, there’s a gadget that has you covered. Here are advanced car gadgets that you must see.

Advanced Portable Car Diagnostics

Think Diag here is the easiest and most accessible way to get a complete professional diagnosis for your car anytime, anywhere you like. Think Diag is an easy-to-use subscription-based plug-and-play dongle that turns your smartphone or even a tablet into a handy little car gadget. What’s more, the Think Diag goes beyond just OBDII functions. It’s pretty much a professional diagnostic tool that fits easily in your pocket. That’s a full score on portability, live data stream, graphing data, record, print, vehicle health report, all of it at your fingertips. There’s no better way to understand your car than visually comparing real-time data. It’ll help you detect and rectify any kind of abnormality early on so you don’t have to spend tons of money trying to fix up your car later.

Advanced Personalized Wheel Nut

Ford has come up with 3D printing locking wheel nuts and they’re honestly one of the most effective ways to deal with thieves since they’re personalized by an owner’s voice. You know it’s a secure strategy that really works. Car security systems have become increasingly more complicated over the years, which is why thieves have now resorted to targeting car parts instead.

That includes alloy wheels, by the way, so you have to be extra careful if you really want to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Even regular locking wheel nuts are not safe enough. Ford engineers have come up with unique 3D printing technology to develop next-generation locking wheel nuts. The engineers record the driver’s voice for at least a second and then convert the sound wave into a physical printable pattern. This pattern is then used for the locking wheel nuts’ indentation and key. With how personalized this system is, you know your vehicle will be in safe hands.

Advanced Automatic Car Covers

These automatic car covers are not only super fast and easy to use, but they can also be operated entirely remotely. It hardly takes 15 seconds for you to cover your car with these and even lesser time when you need to collect the covering. The covers feature an LED display that shows the battery status for convenience handling. Also, the battery is completely solar-powered as well. It’s the only version the battery is available in, so you don’t need to count on anything to recharge the cover except for the sun. Of course, it’s super versatile and adaptable no matter the kind of vehicle you own. These covers have your back. What’s more, the covers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re fully breathable and they provide optimum protection against scratches, UV, rain, bird droppings, dust, and other such inconveniences.

Advanced Car Key Innovation

Imagine being able to turn your smartphone into your car key. With Keto, you can bring that imagination to real life. This innovative technology brings you touchless access and control with ultrasonic positioning. It’s guaranteed to grant you the convenience that’ll make your driving experience more enjoyable. Keto features disruptive logistics technology that far surpasses the limits of conventional processes. Your car’s engine will only start once your mobile phone is inside the vehicle. No better way to ensure optimal security for your car. You can even transfer your keys to friends or family without having to meet them physically. It’s the coolest gadget that every modern car needs.

Advanced Car Data Connectivity

Voyo is the gateway to connect your car to the future. It provides all your essential car data streamed right to the app for convenience. Real-time safety alerts, pro-level scan diagnostics, advanced analytics for tires and battery, all of it at a simple touch. What’s more, using Voyo, you can easily monitor a network of cars so you never have to go out of your way to keep track of each detail concerning your vehicle. It also lets you log trips and fuel use, making it easy for you to calculate all your rides. Controlling door locks and trunks has never been this easy. You can even use tire data provided by Voyo to stay updated about slow leaks or possibly low tire pressure days before the dashboard light comes on. No better way to save up on time and resources.

Multi-Functional Car Gadget

A multi-functional vacuum that lives in your car. It’s a powerful gadget that can be a complete lifesaver when an emergency strikes since it comes with jumper cables and a power bank. You can count on Jumpi to never leave you stranded on the road without a helping hand. Jump starter, vacuum, and power bank are the three car essentials that every driver must have, and Jumpi is the handiest way to have it all. It may look small, but the device packs in itself 700 amps of power, easily making it the most powerful jump starter in its category. It can jump pretty much any car or truck battery all on its own. Jumpi allows you to make up to 10 jumps per charge, which keeps you rolling.