We use so many gadgets in our daily life. You drive a car too. we are going to write the article about the car gadgets. we have 5 car gadgets that will be very useful in your daily life while driving a car. Imagine that you are travelling and the air car’s tyre get’s deflated So, to fill the tyre with air.

Portronix Vayu Tyre Inflator: Features Overview

We have Portronix’s Vayu Tyre Inflator. This device comes with 4000 mAh battery It also has a USB Type A port. You can use it as a power bank to charge your phone. It also has a Type C port for charging. For example, if you are travelling at night, you get an LED torch in it Here we get white light Imagine that you have to fill the tyre with air at night and you can’t see the nozzle.

This will be very useful for that. It also has a red flash effect. Imagine that you are stuck on the highway and there is a big problem. This will be very useful for asking for help. You can’t just fill air in the car with this device. It comes with different attachments in the box. You can fill air in the car, bike, cycle and even in balls. Balls i.e. Football, Basketball. We get this type of device and a pipe You can attach this pipe like this. You have to tighten this attachment like this. If you hold the power button, it will show how much air is left in the tyre. Then you have to set the air For example, I have set it to 36. And if you press this button, the air pump will start.

Introducing Cubo’s Smart Dashcam Pro X

As there are so many accidents happening in the country, There are so many cases. No insurance claim is available, Theft is happening, Robberies are happening. To be careful,We have Cubo’s Smart Dash cam Pro X.We can mount this dashcam on the windshield like this.It has a 2MP sensor and it records video at a maximum 1080P resolution.

It records video quality like this. You can put a 1TB SD card in this camera for storage. The wide angle coverage is also very good You can record time-lapse videos in this camera. It also supports an app, You can download the Cubo Pro app from the App store or Play store.You can save all the recordings in this app. This dashcam has a lot of useful features. You can record video if any wrong challan is made If you want to take an insurance claim or if you are a travel vlogger and you want to record travelling vlogs. Then this camera will record your journey for your vlogs.

Potronix Charge Clamp 2: All-in-One Car Solution

Now suppose if you are driving a car And your phone rings, Or you have to charge the hone or set the phone for navigation You can do all that with one device This device is Potronix’s Charge Clamp 2. You can mount this mobile holder on the windshield like this. It has a very good grip, It doesn’t come out even if you pull it. Under this mobile holder, there is a Type-C port. With this, you can supply power to it.

And you can clamp the phone like this It gives you a 15W output if you want to charge phone wirelessly Even if you don’t have a phone with wireless charging then you can insert the charging cable in your phone The phone will be charged There are a lot of adjustments in this mobile holder. For example, There is a mounting adjustment according to your face. And there is a front-back adjustment. You can adjust the distance between your face and the phone.

Turbo Car Vacuum: WOSCHER Innovation

When we travel in a car, We eat a lot of food and make a mess in the car. To clean that, The next gadget is Turbo car Vacuum cleaner by WOSCHER This vacuum cleaner comes with a 100W power. The cleaning is very good. We get different attachments with the box You can clean the garbage or dust.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a very long wire. You can clean the front port as well. If you have a 6 or 7-seater vehicle, You can easily clean the back part as well. The quality of the filter is very good. It is easy to clean. All the dust comes inside the filter. Press the red button and remove the filter and clean it.

TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The next gadget is for the bike. You must be thinking that I was write in the above article about the car gadgets. Where did this bike come from This is TPMS from Auto Powers. It is a tyre pressure monitoring system. I had to order this for the car. By mistake, I ordered this for the bike. I thought it doesn’t matter as the work is the same.

As the name suggests, It is a tyre pressure monitoring system. You can monitor the tyre pressure with this device. It not only monitors the tyre pressure, It has a lot of other features as well.For example, It has an air leak alarm, It will notify you if the tyre is leaking air. It also has a low pressure alarm, High pressure alarm, High temperature alarm. We also get to know the battery voltage through this It has a digital display on top of it. On the right side, It has a USB Type-A port. With this, You can charge your phone while travelling.For cars and bikes.

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