Luminar Technologies has set themselves the ambitious goal of saving a hundred million lives and a hundred trillion hours on the road within a century. Their team is working on an advanced lidar system that operates on a large scale with a range of approximately three to five hundred meters. This lidar device utilizes pulses of laser light to scan the surrounding space and generate a temporary map eliminating the need for the internet connection. This technology holds great promise for assisting drivers and advancing autonomous Driving Systems. For instance, Nissan plans to employ AI to analyze the lidar data. Luminar Technologies has already established collaborations with major automakers worldwide, including the Chinese company SAIC. The timeline for implementation varies. The Chinese R7 model equipped with this lidar has already entered production, while Mercedes-Benz aims for a launch in 2025 and Nissan expects to incorporate it by 2030.

Smart Headlights Innovation

According to the creators of these headlights 72 percent of fatal accidents occur at night. Their concept seems quite logical: why not let the headlights do more than just illuminate the road? In appearance their solution resembles virtual racing simulators. For instance, the system can display the best route for safely overtaking a cyclist, and while making it turn, it can project an arrow that’s visible to pedestrians and other drivers. Additionally, you can drive with high beams constantly without causing glare to oncoming traffic or pedestrians, as the headlights will automatically adjust their brightness to an optimal level. The best part is that this Innovation can be installed in almost any car. All you need, in addition to the headlights, are a control unit and a set of cameras.

Smart Car Key

Behold this peculiar device resembling a smartphone or PDA. It’s actually an all-in-one Smart Car key. It offers various features including car control. You can effortlessly open or close the doors lock the trunk, or activate the alarm. Control the garage doors and some home appliances like air conditioners, TVs, and projectors and duplicate key cards such as NFC, RFID and HID which are commonly used in many companies and Enterprises.

Operating this key fob is incredibly easy. For instance, if you point it at a TV, it will automatically detect, copy, and store the necessary settings for the remote control. The device has enough memory to store hundreds of remote controls and employs the US government AES encryption standard for enhanced security. With a week’s worth of charge for active use and a weight of just 80 grams it offers convenience on the go and for those seeking a touch of luxury.

Augmented Reality System

This cool augmented reality system. Its creators got paid by big companies. It has three main components: RGB lasers a projector and a holographic element on a special film. You can install it on any car, including unmanned ones. Some of the options it offers include object recognition, a map with navigation, speed display, estimated time of arrival, and even access to the metaverse.

The best part is that virtual objects can be embedded at any distance from the car, so you’ll feel like the trajectory line is a real road marking. The team is doing great in 2021; they showcased the holograph tour an electric car with the AR system that can also be controlled remotely and has other cool features. They plan to make it a production vehicle so let’s wish them good luck and success in perfecting both the system.

Electronic Exhaust Systems

An interesting update on electric car Renovations. It turns out that even the exhaust system can be revolutionized. Automakers are under pressure to create quieter, more fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly engines. As a result, even premium models often lack a satisfying exhaust sound. However for those who crave the Symphony of a car like the Porsche Panamera, the Thor electronic exhaust system has been developed. It’s easy to install: one or two speakers placed underneath the car and a control unit in the cabin connected via the can bus. You can choose the desired sports car sound and surprise other drivers as you drive by. It features real car sounds and takes into account the position of the gas.

Tire Pressure Control

How about a system that lets you adjust the tire pressure on the go? It’s pretty cool because you can control the pressure for each individual wheel with a remote control. This system offers some great benefits: your tires will last 30 percent longer, and you’ll save up to 20 on fuel consumption. Plus, it reduces the risk of aquaplaning and reduces braking distance. The system works for all kinds of vehicles, from Cars to mining Machinery. With its patented connection, you can even Pump Air at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. The system operates within a pressure range of 2 to 25 bar, and if it detects a flat tire, it automatically inflates it. It’s useful year-round, especially for off-road adventures in mud and snow.

Gentle Door Closure

Interesting question that could be asked in an intellectual quiz: how hard should you push a car door to close it without getting on the driver’s nerves? Well, the creators of the slam stop door closer have an answer: simply give it a gentle push, and the smart mechanism will take over and smoothly close the door for you. This clever device is installed discreetly inside both the front and rear doors, hidden behind the door panel. It doesn’t require any major modifications to your car and is designed to last for approximately 30,000 Cycles, which translates to about 8 to 10 years. According to the product description, this Innovative Edition will give your car that Special Touch. Interestingly, door closers like this used to be found only in premium cars, but now you can get one for around two hundred dollars for two doors, depending on the model.

Smart View Mirrors

View mirrors are becoming increasingly smarter these days. Not only do they have blind spot monitoring, but they also come with a built-in video recorder. It takes just three seconds to activate, and the recorded data is displayed on a 12.3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1920×720 pixels. These mirrors can handle temperatures ranging from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. What’s really cool is that each mirror can be connected to two cameras, including one with night vision, providing a dual perspective. Since the mirrors are located inside the cabin, they’re not affected by rain or other weather conditions. The recorded footage could be saved on an SD card or directly transferred to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Smart Steering Wheels

Even steering wheels are keeping up with the times. Now you can get a steering wheel with a built-in screen. The price varies depending on the model. The one for the Lexus IS, for example, is priced at six hundred and forty dollars. They justify the cost of this model with features like carbon fiber leather and enhanced Comfort inspired by racing. It’s designed to provide a more comfortable grip for your hands, ensuring long trips won’t cause any discomfort. The built-in screen offers a bunch of interesting features: you can view fuel consumption, temperature data, speed, and even lap times on the racetrack. The wireless smart transmitter connects through the OBD socket, reducing installation time. However, it’s still recommended to have a professional handle the installation process.