Airpods 4 Release Date and Price

Apple are looking to make some new prite airpods with the airpods for this year. We have had new leaks coming in. Apple are making two new inar airpods. what we’re going to do straight away is just jump in here with the leaks that we’ve had about this. So, as you can see right here, Mark Gman has said that Apple are going to be releasing two in a airpods this year round, which going to be really, really exciting. One of these are going to probably be the air air ODS for and one of these could be these new airpod pro lights. The interesting thing that’s also seen right here is that he also does mention about the airpods max2.

Apple’s Airpods Evolution

One of the questions you’re going to be asking yourself straight away is why is Apple decides to make say a pair of pro light airpods? Well, I think it comes down to the current airpods lineup that we have right now. The cheapest airpods that are available at the moment are the airpods 2 and the airpods 2 have been out for ages now. In fact, they’re about 5 years old. They’ve had quite a good life with apple over all of these years and in fact next to the airpods Pro 2 they’re Apple’s second bestselling airpods what they sell right now.

Airpods Upgrade

The most expensive airpods pro are the most popular, then the airpods ODS too. So the cheapest budget range airpods are the second most popular airpods that are sold by the company. But as I said, I think it’s time for Apple to retire this model now, especially that they still only have the lightning adapter on the bottom. And as you can see right here, as I said with Mark German, he says that two new airpods models are coming this year in 2024 and one of those airpods is going to replace the airpods 2 and the other one is going to replace the airpods 3 that we have right now. Now you’re probably wondering again why don’t Apple just keep the airpods 3 in this lineup but we have right now and just change the case.

Airpods Line Evolution

We’re changing the case, we’re going have to change it to a USBC and also the airpods 3 are 3 years old now and they’re not the most popular airpods being sold. In fact, they’re actually the least most popular airpods being sold, the airpods Mac actually sell more than those airpods and I think Apple want to change all of this and just restart with the normal sort of airpods sort of line to go into your ears. So that means that we would have then the normal airpods 4 as the new budget line and then we also have these new airpods pro light model 2 to go in the middle to replace the airpods3.

Pro-Level Noise Cancellation

You’re probably wondering why I’m referring these to pro lights. Well the main reason behind it is because of noise cancellation. Noise cancellation has been something that’s been exclusive to the pr line of airpods and a aods that go into your ears, obviously the airpods Maxs have these too but obviously they’re even more premium than the airpods Pro 2. So if Apple are going to introduce this noise cancellation it makes sense that these become sort of a prik kind of model and also Mark German here has even said that these sort of next sort of higher level sort of airpods pro lights.

Next-gen Airpods

There’ll also be wireless capability also built into these airpods as well and also that the budget sort of line the sort of airpods for normal won’t actually come with wireless won’t have noise cancellation it’d be missing those kind of features there what I Envision probably these new airpods Pro like to be is something very similar that we have with the iPad range right now the iPad Pro is the best of the best that you can get right now but there again with the iPad Air where we have that it has kind of say the best of the last generation of the pro stuff inside it and it looks like this is what Apple are going to be doing here with this model.

Apple’s Next Best

It will give you the best of the pro but not all of the features it will give you good enough and it will still be great airpods to actually buy and I Envision this will probably be Apple’s bestselling airpods going into the future to be honest so other differences that we could see we could get the new H3 chip inside of these airpods pro light whereas the airpods 4 may just get save the H2 inside of it and then the same with battery life that the pro light will actually have say maybe an extra hours battery life in your ears compared to say the airpods 4 so next of all you’re probably wondering about the price and when we can get our hands on them.

Airpods 4 Price Speculation

With the release date so next of all about the price then and first of all about these airpods 4 that will replace the airpods 2 so the airpods 2 on Apple’s website right now cost $129 but most likely it probably will be slightly more than this maybe $139 maybe $149 for this Baseline sort of airpods but I bet you probably within the first year or so the price actually will probably come down to $99 or something like that so yeah that’s going to be quite interesting to see there.

Upcoming Budget Earbuds

This pro light sort of version I’m expecting it to probably come around about say 179 maybe to 190 sort of dollars very similar to the airpods free that we have right now cuz Apple wants to keep it probably around that kind of price Mark but obviously it will be lower than the airpods pro second generation that we have right now out and about so yeah that’ll probably be about the prices for those ones but then next over all for the actual release date well we’re looking towards the end of 2024 so most likely this will probably be in September or October time.

Apple Product Release Forecast

The iPhone event that will be happening probably in the early to mid teens of September and that’s where we’ll see the new Apple watches to with the iPhone 16 models and then also these new airpods will probably come available at the same time so most likely you’ll probably be a have to get your hands on them about a week or so later so probably.

The end of the teens of September or into the early 20s sort of time in September time be able to get them your hands on these and put them in your ears for the first time but that’s all the details that we know about these new airpods what are your thoughts about this would you like to see apple bring out a pro light sort of version and also bring out say a replacement to the airpods 2 to the airpods 4.