Sending Messages to Yourself on WhatsApp is Now Feasible.

The self-messaging option on WhatsApp is currently being released and it can be considered as one of the most useful features for jotting down thoughts. The introduction of the Message Yourself feature to select beta testers indicates that it will be accessible to all users in the near future.

Nevertheless numerous websites have already allocated a section for saving and sending messages to oneself but WhatsApp has finally introduced a similar feature. Now the platform owned by Meta offers a seamless method to send messages to oneself.

Thanks to this innovative feature users can now access a chat conversation with their own number. Simply select your number from the contact list, and it will be labeled with the “Message Yourself” tag indicating that you can utilize this feature. This new addition was included in the WhatsApp v2.22.24.2 beta release of the Android application.

Your chat name will be suffixed with you. Previously utilizing the URL allowed for sending messages to oneself. This will display the message sent to yourself on all connected devices making it easier to continue a chat across multiple devices. It has been reported that this functionality will soon be available to some iOS beta users.

The release date for WhatsApp’s Message Yourself feature for android and iOS users has not been announced yet. While the rollout has begun on the meta-owned messaging platform, if you are unable to access the feature, please be patient as it may become available shortly. We will inform you once everything is settled and official.

In the meantime WhatsApp has globally launched communities for all users enabling the creation and organization of sub-groups with ease. This feature will be available to everyone in a matter of weeks.